I think we are all here for the same reason. Looking for special comradery and support as we reach our goals while balancing our PCOS symptoms.

Well, that is what I am here for!

PCOS has been a major part of my life as I was diagnosed 14 years ago. When I was first diagnosed not many people knew what it was- not even my doctor! Regardless of its lesser known status, I continued to search for knowledge and most of all normalcy.

20638684_10155664067766800_8856096781512625012_nIn 2016 I married my best friend and partner of 4 years, Sandy. A year after our wedding, I suffered a miscarriage that forced me to take a step back and take stock of my choices.

This loss became a excuse for turning to unhealthy habits like binge eating to try to comfort myself. It didn’t work…and now my pants are tight.

Currently, I stand an unbelievably tall height of 5’3″ and weigh in a very discouraging 200.3 lbs.  A healthy weight for me and my structure according to my doctor is around a muscular 125 lbs.

The last 6 months, I’ve watched from afar as my husband created healthy habits, stand a little a taller, and lose 65 lbs.  Did I mention I only see him 1 week out of the month? I’m an oil-patch wife. So, his new lifestyle has yet to rub off on me.

So out of the 65 lbs he has lost, I have found 30 of them on my thighs and belly.

Regardless of my shortcomings it has been motivating seeing him going for it and doing it. He is my inspiration for becoming a Goal Digger in 2018.

Join me as I start creating my best life possible with PCOS.

What is your story? I’d love to hear from you!



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